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Days go by and are not the same, trends come and go according to trends and actuality, however certain mood comes and seems ephemeral for so long and settle in and become usual. It’s the destination wedding case!

But what is a destination wedding?

Your international butterfly tells you more!

Let’s say that you live in New York, USA, but you come from Nice in France, you may decide for family reasons to return to France and get married there, on the French Riviera.

You are a wine lover, and you live in France, far from a wine region, you choose to get married in a beautiful castle in Bordeaux.

You’ve always dreamed of discovering Africa, but you never had the opportunity to go there and you decide to kill two birds with one stone and going to get married in Zanzibar for example…

This is destination wedding, getting married somewhere different from where you live for whatever reason. The destination chosen is often leaded by wishes, family or emotional ties or memories.

This type of wedding appeared as a fad a few years ago by some privileged few and has since taken hold and democratized to our great happiness. The fact is that our consumption behaviors which have evolved, the explosions of socials, which open the doors to the world at our fingertips.

Travel has become a usual habit; it’s no longer just reserved for summer vacations or business trips. The desire to touch on other customs, landscapes that we see through networks, TV and it already seem familiar to us, has been lifted by several veils, such as the fear of the unknown.

In addition, planning a wedding is no longer a simple formality, it is the deep expression of 2 people who want to celebrate their love at the height of their success, or their vision of life and they want it to be special, and unique, not the same one of the neighbors.

Here is some food for thought on destination wedding

So, are you more a domestic wedding team (in the town where I live)? or rather destination wedding team?

I will be happy to discuss your upcoming project with you!

Rich in her history and culture, the Charente is full of places tinged with her essence, ideal for sumptuous weddings worthy of castle life.


I want to share with you some castles, which I am sure will hold your attention, and will arouse your desire to get married in Charente.


The Royal Château of Cognac is a historical monument, home of Baron Otard cognacs.

Its sumptuous and unique Salle des Etats, in pure Renaissance style, was built at the request of King François I to welcome his guests. Vast and bright, with a view of the Charente, this room is still today the ideal setting for the most prestigious receptions. Offer a unique experience to your guests by completing your event with a visit to the Château Royal de Cognac and offer them one of the prestigious Baron Otard Cognacs.

Photos credit : Chateau Royal de Cognac


Intimate wedding venue of great style, with the particularity of having always belonged to the same family from the 15th to the 20th century.

The Château de Lerse is located, among more than 105 hectares of gently rolling hills which surround the property, 6 km south of Blanzac-Porcheresse, and only 30 minutes from Angoulême.

 Elegant residence, entirely dedicated to weddings, this place can accommodate up to 200 people.

Angoulême wedding planner

Photos credit : Chateau de Lerse


Live a unique experience in the heart of Cognac, in this magnificent space offered by Château Pellisson. This 17th century building has been completely renovated to offer a choice setting, to receive high end weddings, and to experience unforgettable moments.

Se marier à Angoulême
wedding planner charente
Se marier dans un chateau

Photos credit : Château Pellisson



Large residence from the mid-19th century, in the heart of New Aquitaine, the Château de la Pouyade is an atypical space with a fully modular 300M² room extended by a wooden terrace which plunges you into a green setting with a Incredible view of the Charente valley: guaranteed immersion experience for you and your guests.

Photos credit: Chateau de la Pouyade


Surrounded by vineyards, Château de Brillac is a magnificent 19th century white stone fantasy. Built by a cognac harvester, on several hectares of woods and parkland, the castle is welcoming and bright in its beautiful green countryside. Bed and breakfast, gîte, the estate also offers a swimming pool, tennis and a spa, the perfect solution to make you spend an unforgettable moment, with a rural and bucolic look. The flowery environment, has already hosted photo shoots and film shoots, it will lend itself particularly to the realization of the wedding that suits you.

wedding planner cognac
mariage à cognac

Photos credit : Chateau de Brillac


Located on the border of the Vienne and the Charente, in the heart of a 19-hectare wooded park, the Château de la Borderie dating from the 19th century benefits from a privileged setting that will allow you to live an experience full of romance and magic.

Elegant and charming, full of history, the Château de la Borderie will be the perfect place to celebrate your love.

organisation de mariage
wedding in a french castle

Photos credit : Chateau de Brillac


At the gates of Angoulême, stands since the 14th century, the keep of the Château de la Tranchade (listed MH). In an extraordinary green setting, stones and old oaks combine to bring the heat of ancient times back to life in a medieval atmosphere.

Photos credit : Chateau de la Tranchade


10 minutes from the Angoulême TGV station, the Logis de Maumont, a 16th century building with unique architecture, is surrounded by a two-hectare park sheltering vestiges of the past, century-old trees and a splendid bamboo grove.

Photos credit : Chateau de Maumont