In order to provide dedicated service and tailor-made planning to my bride and groom, I only focus on a limited number of weddings per year. Guiding my couples towards the wedding of their dreams through an unforgettable experience is what feeds my passion.

Give free rein to your dreams, your desires

Your imagination must fly to a wedding that looks like you.

Give me your expectations easily and let your Wedding Planner transport you beyond the unexpected.


I have been a Wedding Planner for several years now with many events around the world as background. Lover of people and travel, I have become a specialist in destination wedding, across different parts of the globe, with diverse and varied cultures. My playground is mainly between France and Africa which I am keen to make essential in terms of destination wedding.


Indeed after a 180 ° professional reorientation, I swapped my Banker tailor for that of Wedding Planner. I trained with the greatest: Wedding Beautiful Worldwide, Wedding Academy, Muriel Saldalamacchia Academy.


I love discovering the story of each of my couples, in order to make the best of it, in line with the vision they have of their D-day.

Working with my bride and groom to plan the most important celebration of their lives is a huge responsibility and a privilege. The celebration itself is a privilege, because it brings people together. When planning an event, my goal is to produce an amazing customer experience. Considering the whole day, step by step: what the guests will hear, see, smell, touch and taste.

My thoroughness and my love for art in all its forms are part of my expertise and nourish this goal.


Since I was a little one, I have bathed in an entrepreneurial atmosphere. My grandmother was a « trader » it is the term used in the past to say entrepreneur in Africa, specifically in Congo, my homeland. She traded in goods, and traveled the world for her supplies. My rather bureaucratic mother always instilled in me the need for conscientious work. My desire to undertake, my creativity, undoubtedly come from my father who, as far as I can remember, has always been a business leader with many hats, hard work.

Her courage and determination are a constant source of inspiration for me.

Mother of 3 beautiful children, Sylia, Alysson and Dereck our last little one, I draw my strength from my family with the unfailing support of my lifelong love. With Syk, our story began in high school with a beautiful friendship and continued in a love story that seems to last.

I am very sunny but reserved, I love people, but you should not drive me out: a real virgin!

Addicted to tea, I am in the initiation process of caffeine. I love romance, my besties are my sisters, I love girlfriends night out, Christmas movies, fashion and travel.

Ah and in case it doesn’t show, butterfly is my totem.



Photo credit : Léa Tardat Photographie