My wish for you … is that you and your guests have an experience that transcends space and time, becoming a memory for life. The key to getting your guests to say this was « one of the best weddings » they’ve ever attended is to organize the event around what your guests are experiencing at all times. What do they see … hear … taste … smell? How are they received? How are they treated? And finally, what does that say about you?

Choose a Wedding Planner is almost as strong as the choice of the person you will marry. We must like each other, trust each other. It need a connection, this intangible feeling where we see each other, and we know that it will match immediately. So let’s meet over coffee, for a call or a video conference. I hope to be more than your planner...

So don’t wait any longer …

Live the experience of a lifetime, the one you and your guests will talk about over and over again.

People often ask themselves:

« Do I need a wedding planner? »


“What does a wedding planner do? »

My answer is this:

You and your groom are unlike any other couple. Together, we’ll design a program that’s right for you, unique to you, and includes unlimited phone calls, emails and in-person meetings. What really turns me on and inspires me, is the people who want to create something. I do my best job when I bend the world to your wish.

That’s why I only work with a few number of couples. You deserve my time, all my attention and unwavering dedication to your needs.

Where do we start ?


After a first interview in which we will have viewed all the aspects of your event, your desires, your history, I will refine all this and will build the direction to be undertaken for what to do next. I will show you an illustrated project book, which will visually reflect our directions, this will allow us to build the perfect team to materialize our ideas into reality.

La crème de la crème


It is important to me that the team of vendors who will take care of your celebration work together and in perfect harmony. That’s why I take care to offer you a selection " aux petits ognions" professionals. These will match the requirements of our specifications and more. Because working with experts, each in their field, will produce an unforgettable event for you and your guests.

En route vers le jour J


I plan, research and manage carefully behind the scenes. In close collaboration with you, without the stress and overflow part, I will be the buffer with the vendors. You will have a clear and evolving vision of budget management, logistics and planning. You will be provided with a summary of each visit and decision, nothing will be left to chance until the D-Day which will happen faster than you think! 


It is important to know what you are talking about; the best decisions are made when you have all the information. Let’s really talk about your investment. I will assess what you need, work out an overall budget and give you a personalized quote. And remember, we’re just talking, but that’s where it all starts …



How much does it cost exactly?

Impossible to tell. How can I tell you the price of a wedding we haven’t planned yet? The point is, your wedding (or event!) will cost as much as you want, and as much as it takes to get the job done rightly.

You have to think in terms of cost per person, because the cost of a wedding depends on the location, the number of guests, the selection of entertainment, the menu, the design, in other words the experience you want to have and to support. All of my designs are designed to tell a story tailored specifically to your tastes and style.

With your ambition as the only border, where to start? Some of my clients come to me with a specific budget in mind. In this case, I will design from the latter, always including small special touches that make this day unique, while respecting the overall limits of the investment.

Some customers want the freedom to dream and explore. We work together to design an experience, then price the work based on the overall dream.

I expose you a project, reflecting the information you gave me beforehand with an overall estimated budget. This gives us the opportunity to discuss the financial approach to your event in advance. You will have the opportunity to ask questions so that you can really understand the process. Once you've give me your "yes", we will dig deeper into this proposition in order to tailor your event. A wedding is a major investment. I will help you in the management of the latter in full transparency.

I work with a limited number of clients each year, and I personally design and manage each of your events. Our relationship, our communication, is absolute and is the foundation of all the work we will do together.

You will never work with a coordinator, assistant or any other representant during the planning process. When you call, I answer. When you send me DMs on Instagram, I reply, Visits, Tastings, meetings, demos, etc., we will do together as needed.

I am present at the time of your event, I will be at the head of a full team including coordinators, project managers and representatives of all creative partners. It’s you and me. Together until the end.

The price for planning your event start to 5900€*.

*Contact me for more informations


  • The bespoke study of your project,
  • All vendors management : from research to coordination *
  • Scooting and management of venues
  • Accommodations recommendations and selections
  • Fooding advice
  • Design management creation for the whole wedding, for all days.
  • Wine and champagne selection
  • Your general planning with complete online resources,
  • The general timeline dedicated to the detailed planning process, detailed wedding-day planning,
  • All our meeting in all kind of
  • All of our meetings on site in the area when you are coming to visit and work on your wedding.
  • The payments’ schedule and budget management
  • Accomodations management for your guest
  • wedding week plan
  • management and coordination of the wedding day
  • full respect of you privacy specially when it's your ask
  • My entire devotion and disponiblility to lead you
  • Our Expertise

*for destination wedding



Aware that habits have not only changed, but are also evolving in a fast and uncontrolled way, I do everything possible to give you a regular health update while ensuring flexibility if necessary.

While waiting for this to be nothing more than a subject of talk around a table...



“De la part de mariés comblés”

« Merci pour le magnifique mariage que vous nous avez organisé, pour votre professionalisme, votre écoute, vos attentions et votre enthousiasme au quotidien durant plus d’1 an ! On embrasse très chaleureusement et affectueusement. Encore merci pour tout. Nous n’oublirons jamais. De la part de mariés comblés.« 


“The perfect choice for your special day”

« Licia  it’s the perfect choice for your special day! Licia is an amazing person and her enthusiasm, her passion, her talent and her professionalism for weddings comes through in her attention to details. I highly recommend for all your events!🎊👌🏾💍🙌🏾 « 


“Le petit détail qui fait toute une grande différence”

« Une organisation très professionnelle sans stress. Tout ce qu’il faut !Licia et son équipe  ont géré l’événement à merveille. A recommander sans hésitation !  Licia Bouiti Weddings & Celebrations, c’est le petit détail qui fait toute une grande différence ! « 


“Nous avons eu un magnifique mariage”

« Nous avons eu un magnifique mariage. Licia et son équipe ont fait un superbe travail, tant pour la décoration que pour l’organisation. Nous avons pu profiter pleinement de notre journée grâce à elles. Je vous la recommande pour votre mariage ! «